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Mansa Directions

  • Find your way to Spectra fueling Station
  • Travel 140 meters south east to the Zambian Police Station
  • Continue south east on the same road  for 420 meters to the Mansa Hospital
  • From the hospital entrance you will continue south east for 265 meters until you see a road to the right
  • Take the right and travel only for 180 meters south west
  • Then you will see the first road to the left
  • Take the road down south east 400 meters until you see our lodge.

  TEJA EXECUTIVE LODGE  TEL. Airtel (+26) 0979-37-96-13, MTN (+26) 0966-37-96-13, Land (0212) 82-14-06  FAX (+26) 212-82-14-06     Email:
This page was last updated: August 8, 2015
Directions from the Mansa Airport
  • Once you leave the Mansa Airport you need to travel south on the M3 road towards Mansa for 6 kilometers until you reach a small bridge, continue until you reach spectra filling station then follow Mansa directions above.
Directions from the north (Nchelenge)
  • Leave Nchelenge and travel south on D79 road for 240 kilometers until you reach Mansa then follow the Mansa directions.

Directions from the south (Samfya road)

  • Travel weest for 75 likometers on the D94 road until you reach mansa. When you come to the main road M3 take left and travel for 1/2 kilometer to a road. you will see a sign of tjea lodge, take a right then travel for 180 meters to the first road to the left, take the road down south east 400 meters until you see our lodge.

For those of you who have a GPS the coordinates is 11"12"35.20"S  28"53"32.43 E
Elevation 1227 meters